Friday, April 27, 2012

Testing out google's new gear


Thursday, December 11, 2008

played for a bit today.

Has anyone else noticed how easy TOS has gotten lately and how easy it is to get a character from say 48-52 as compared to per TOS days.

Anyways. Sold a bit of junk today. Still looking to sell my +8 yumi and buy a +7 bracer & shinny belt of mind.

oh well. back to work.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Guess who !

Yup. LinCrew is back. Well, atleast I am.

Angelsoho / Eggggggr


I just hit level 50. :) Also got a +9 Yumi.


I'll be blogging from here. Bunch of work due tomorrow and the next day but I'll try to sneak some Lineage and Blob in.

Catch ya in game.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Out of game

So many may have noticed that I havent been on lin for a while. Thats if many still check here. Anyways, I've been crazy busy with RL and the whole botting up crazy levels by some people really doesnt make me feel like spending my time playing. However I may be moving to Alberta to work for 6 months if a few bugs are worked out. If thats the case I may not have alot to do in my spare time, so lineage might be it. For anyone that checks, ill keep you posted ;)

Monday, October 08, 2007

long time no play

So as some of you may have noticed i havent been on as much lately. Lot of stuff going on for me so hopefully in the next week or so i can log in at work and such. The nets been going down at work lately so its not really worth risking playing. Also after the string of recent events in game during which i played alot, i've been taking a bit of a break just logging in here and there when im free from RL stuff. Hopefully with the halloween event coming up and maybe episode 6 in the next few months(?) there will be some exciting stuff to post. The only thing i've done recently is go to a few fights, some hunting in the usual places and hit up this wedding...
Image Hosted by
Apparently 1337Meat really really wanted a shout out, so here you go lol.

So anyways I went to Nuit Blanche in toronto last saturday which was tons of fun. Went to Casaloma, Lower Bay (the ghost station) subway, Bata shoe museum, OCAD, and a bunch of the other places that they were running events. It was pretty awesome though some of my friends who TTC'd it around were complaining that the transit took so long they didnt get to see much (lol suckers). There is also the Chinese lantern festival which i went too and really wish i had my camera for.

I also met a really nice girl who i started going out with this week.
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Anyways im almost done at work and im going to meet her for lunch so later for now =P